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Here’s an overview of what we do here at Never Stop Select Services.


Newspaper Out-bound Program

We have an array of calling programs ready to maintain and build your circulation base.  Below is a list of out-bound services we offer. Upfront payment is required for all programs.

Easy-pay Conversions

Calling customers that currently pay their subscription by mail with a check to get into an automated monthly, quarterly ot yearly payment frequency..


Verified Delivery

Advertisers continue to want audits on delivery penetration by zipcode to ensure return on investment.  We offer verification and sales calls with recordings to customers.

Pre-qualified Sampling and Sales

We provide affordable sampling programs.  We engage the customers over the phone with your product details and get them to accept a sample of your newspaper.  At a later time during the sampling period, we will follow-up with a product satisfaction call and sale them a subscription.


Conversion Upgrades

Are you looking to increase your frequency of delivery on certain customers or convert them to easy-pay?  We have developed serveral different approaches.


Newspaper In-bound Programs

Checkout our in-bound programs below.


Customer Service

Let us handle you customer service needs.  Outsourcing your customer service with companies that do not have newspaper experience has shown a continual erosion of circulation due to lack of their experience in the publishing sector.  Let the newspaper professionals at Never Stop Select Services field those calls so you can be assured your customers are getting the service they deserve.

In-bound Sales

Direct mail, single copy and television marketing promotions that drive phone traffic for new subscriber acquisition can be handled by our company.  We have the technology and the sales-closers you need to keep your cost per order in line with your marketing budget.


Our technology platform offers your company to communicate messages to your customers and ask them questions without a live operator.  If you need automated services to verify sales, delivery or broadcast a message to your customer base we can make that happen.


Out-bound (B2C) and (B2B) Acquisition

Never Stop capitalizes on every contact and will over time be able to help you consistently meet targeted sales goals and reduce your cost of acquisition by providing database and operational ongoing assessments.

In-bound Customer Service and Sales

The lifecycle of a customer offers that client many opportunities for Never Srop to pursue and refine, which include acquisition, interaction, customer care, revenue, retention and technical support coupled with communication vehicles, such as chat, email, live representation and automated recognition systems.



Are you a telecom provider of internat and phone services seeking to increase your cutomer base?  We provide B2B and B2C cold-calling services.

Merchant Services

We provide marketing and sales opportunities in credit card processing for telemarketers and sales agents.

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